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Why Change the Cycle? 

 It's simple- more than 3.5 billion people in this world have periods and over 689 million live in poverty. We feel it is our duty to help menstruators manage their periods with products and education. 

The Consequences 

Can you imagine missing multiple days of school because you didn't have access to adequate period supplies? Falling behind on important lectures, tests, assignments and more? How about having to miss days of work for the same reason? Period poverty effects more than a menstruating persons health, it can effect their education, livelihood, and confidence. These issues barely scratch the surface of the trickle down harmful effects period poverty can create. 

Women in the Street
Friends Taking Selfie

So why Change the Cycle?

We decided to focus on changing the cycle of period poverty  after recognizing just how devastating the consequences can be. After learning of the drastic measures taken to manage periods we knew we had to step in. We believe it is our duty to educate others on period poverty and provide both the education and resources to those in need. 

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