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Autumn Francisco

 Autumn Francisco, Co-Founder of Change the Cycle, is a native of Columbus, OH, and is passionate about mental health, women's health, and social justice. She currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree. Her interests are centered around destigmatizing the Black family; this includes but is not limited to: individual and couple's psychotherapy, parent-to-child relationships, perinatal mental health—overall family system strengthening; as well as trauma-informed therapy, helping Black families escape and navigate poverty, and reproductive health, rights, and justice. Through her passions, she is always looking for ways to better serve her community in ways one may not consider. Autumn is an abortion doula at Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio and currently training to become a postpartum doula, and is the founder of Emotionally Me, which is a brand that promotes mental health, healthy relationships, and family strengthening. She is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

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Raven Jackson

 Raven Jackson is the Co-Founder of Change the Cycle and has had a passion for feminine health since she was a young child. After experiencing homelessness and poverty first hand, Raven knows just how hard it can be to navigate life without the ability to afford basic necessities such as feminine hygiene products. As Raven dived into her studies in her later years, she learned that her situation was not unique and that the poverty level in her hometown of Cincinnati was astronomical. It warms her heart to see the community unite to achieve a common goal of Changing the Cycle for menstruating people. In addition to Change the Cycle, Raven feeds the community through her catering business Raven’s Creations, protects the community as a public safety dispatcher and serves the community on a consistent basis by volunteering  with her sorority Delta Sigma Theta.

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