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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Our mission is two fold: we want to provide both the education and resources to combat period poverty. Sadly, menstruation is a taboo in many homes and cultures and is rarely discussed in schools. Menstruating people are often forced to rely on their own knowledge to learn how to manage periods. This results in many people damaging their bodies, clothes, and self- esteem. To combat this we use the hold true the Latin phrase"scientia potentia est" or knowledge is power. We offer menstrual health education for the community at large and believe by educating both menstruating people and non menstruating people we will help combat the stigma surrounding period poverty and menstruation. 

Benefits of Menstrual Education 

By providing menstrual education we are equipping students with knowledge on how to safely care for themselves while menstruating. It is our hope that this education helps prevents infection and other unfortunate bodily harm that may occur as a result of the lack of knowledge on how to use period products.  

A boost of morale- that time of the month can naturally be very dreadful as it often brings about hormone and mood changes. Add the lack of education and products to this list and it is a recipe for a theft of confidence during the menstrual cycle. We want women, girls, men, boys and their care givers to feel confident discussing the topic of periods. We believe education aids in confidence.

Reduced stigma- as we engage different people and communities with education we hope this will reduce the stigma surrounding period poverty.

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