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Autumn and Raven connected in undergrad at the University of Cincinnati. Their friendship blossomed as they discovered the similarities in their interests and values. In 2018, Autumn created the idea to start a joint venture collecting and donating feminine product items. Each year the drive grew as they began to get noticed by local organizations, news outlets, and family and friends. With the unwavering support they decided to make the drive a 501(c)(3) organization to reach even more people in need.

Change the Cycle’s mission promotes period equity and combats discrimination by providing feminine products to organizations that empower and improve the lives of menstruating people including youth, those experiencing homelessness, and drug addicted people.

Menstruation is not a choice; neither is period poverty. Many people have to pick the fight each month between food and hygiene. While different welfare assistance programs cover food, feminine hygiene products are not covered. Founded in 2018, Change the Cycle is dedicated to ending period poverty. With the assistance of generous donors, we have successfully distributed feminine hygiene products to those experiencing homelessness in the Greater Cincinnati area for over three years. The need for menstrual products at homeless shelters far exceeds city limits and can be found throughout the country. We hope to change the menstruation stigma one community at a time.

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